Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moving to Toronto

ORONTO BOUND! Yes, the decision has been made and I have been busy the past couple of weeks discussing my choice with Bart and those who will be my new coaching staff: Andy Higgins, Carl Georgevski, Bogdan Poprawski and Dave Hay. Everything has worked out well and so far it has been a smooth transition and I am looking forward to actually beginning training sessions and getting my season rolling! I am feeling strong and healthy post hamstring injury and eager to get back to working hard!

indoor/outdoor track

The past couple weeks have been busy as I have resumed training on a basic level with focus simply on fitness. I have found an apartment in Toronto and have been busy packing up and getting ready to take possession this coming week to start moving some things in and making the big move December 27. This will make my first official day of training as a member of the University of Toronto Track Club December 28th!!!!

Your Athlete,

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