Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First post of the new year!

Hello Hello.

At last I shall resume writing! Sorry for the silence, but it's been a busy time adjusting to all the changes these past couple of weeks. I hope the new year is off to a great start for you all!

I am settling into the new training. I feel a little as if I had just been tossed into it all, meaning very little in the way of gradual introduction - I started right into a training schedule of 11 sessions in the midst of a "hard" training week! This week we are on "easy" for recovery and I am catching my breath!

The major adjustment in training to date has been that the coaches are quick to pick up on my poor habits like spending too much time prior to an attempt or run just thinking it over and are getting me into the habit of just going on feeling and no pause. Sounds simple, but putting it into action some days is not so simple! I am working on it!

Working now with four different coaches and new physio/massage therapist and a new sport psychologist has been exhausting on my body and emotions. Although, in general, I feel it has been a rather smooth transition into training. I have been very open to new opinions and listening to new advices. I know coming in here what does and does not work for me, but at the moment I go with a little faith as we all become familiar and build trust.

The key phrase to come into play with training is "effortless effort," referring to just relaxing and training with purpose. There is a great deal of knowledge here, so for now I am soaking it up and finding what works for me.

Your Athlete,