Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deliberate Training

Hello Everyone,

Training is going well. The most significant training difference has been the step up in running. Looking over the training schedule you'll notice that everyday has a running workout and even twice on Mondays.

The greatest improvement to my running is two-fold: one, I've learned to relax my upper body (shoulders and up) and allow my lower body to move more smoothly with strong strides. Two, my confidence is growing.

Doing this results in good times and shows me what I am capable of doing so I can repeat and build on during future running sessions and later in competition.

One of the challenges for me in training has been the limited rest between running sets. I feel like some times I am running through the line, take a few steps to slow down, taking a few long breaths, and walking back to the start line to repeat! However, this little rest allows me to stop over thinking things and just run. Andy always says, "just feel it."

Andy will also say, after such difficult sessions, to "file that result away." For instance, when I am running 6x200m and after the first two I want to give up and quit because it hurts and I can feel the lactic acid building in my legs and my irrational fears kick in that suggest that I am no capable of finishing. Thankfully Andy is always there when I run my workouts and just pushes me to keep going. He offers encouragement and will not let me give up on myself.

Right now it's about getting the work done: pace is less important but still something we aim for in training. When I start a workout Andy and I will discuss what is possible that day for times/pace and then one of two things will happen: I'll hit that time/pace or not. It's that simple. I am learning to think this way as a means to take the pressure off myself and just feel it.

The hard work for me is about building trust in myself and getting used to being uncomfortable when I run, to be ready to really attack and push myself in the 200m and 800m to know that I have truly given everything I have to give! In track talk, leave it out there on the track!

Your Athlete,